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Visit the Modern Contemporary Museum (Moco Museum) in Amsterdam with an audio-guided tour and learn about a wide range of modern and contemporary art available to the general public. Moco Museum focuses on proven pioneers and protagonists, the so-called "Rock Stars of Art" within various art movements. With exciting exhibitions and high-profile guest curators, Moco fulfills the need of a large audience. The wish to take a glance in to the art world which is usually hidden to the public.

Visit the Moco Museum and enjoy an audio-guided tour during your Amsterdam visit. The museum is located in the middle of Amsterdam's Museumsplein in Villa Alsberg, which was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, cousin of the renowned Pierre Cuypers who was responsible for the Rijksmuseum, which is on the opposite side of the square. The restyling of all the quarters was done by Studio Piet Boon.

Dalí: Genius
Dalí grew up in the small town of Figueres in the Spanish region of Catalonia. He came from a good family; his parents encouraged his artistic ambitions and he studied at the Madrid Academy of Art. His studies saw the beginning of his eccentric lifestyle. In the 1920s, he went to Paris and came into contact with artists such as Picasso, Magritte and Miró. This led to his first phase in surrealism.

Dalí's work began to explore three themes: The universe and human sensation, sexual symbolism, and pictography. Even before this period, Dalí was an enthusiastic reader and fan of the theories of neurologist Sigmund Freud. The psychic, surreal and hallucinatory creatures and spaces which originated from within were in stark contrast to his classical painting technique which was influenced by the Renaissance artists.

After meeting the love of his life, his muse Gala in 1929, they achieved the kind of star status as a couple that we are now familiar with today. His unbridled ambition and his decision to become a genius took him to unprecedented heights. As he said himself: "When I was six years old, I wanted to be a cook. When I was seven, I wanted to be Napoleon. Since then, my ambition has continued to grow at the same pace." After World War II, he moved with his wife to the United States where his classic period of artworks began. He became fascinated by religion and the scientific discoveries of his time.

Banksy: Laugh Now

On the ground floor you will find the elaborate Banksy "Laugh Now" exhibition. The exhibition contains around 50 original works by Street Art-legend Banksy. For the first time in history there is a Banksy exhibition in a museum.

Moco museum is displaying all his famous works like Laugh Now, Barcode, Girl with Balloon, Kids on Guns, Pulp Fiction, Flower Thrower, Monkey Queen, Kate Moss, Bomb Hugger, Soup Can and many more.The main piece during this exhibition is the painting "Beanfield", which is 2,5 x 3,5 meters. This piece has not been on display since 2009. A very important canvas that characterizes Banksy as an activist artist. Banksy is well known for his outdoor art. You can find his pieces of street art all around the world. In London you can even buy maps marking the locations where you can find these pieces of art, which are mostly protected. Not everyone knows that Banksy also makes art for indoors. Original and unique works on canvas, wood and paper.

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Moco Museum in Amsterdam

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Skip the Line Moco Museum in Amsterdam Admission Ticket with Audio Guide: Deutsch

Skip the Line Moco Museum in Amsterdam Admission Ticket with Audio Guide

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Skip the Line Moco Museum in Amsterdam Admission Ticket with Audio Guide


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