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Book your Admission tickets to the beautiful Phnom Kulen National Park in advanced and skip the ticket office queues. Tickets will be delivered to your hotel the evening (from 5pm on) prior to your departure for your convenience.

Enjoy a trouble-free trip to Phnom Kulen by booking your tickets online in advance. Save travel time by skipping the ticket office queues on your arrival. 

Your ticket will be your pass to visiting Cambodia's most sacred mountain. It covers visits to attractions within the Phnom Kulen National Park particularly the Reclining Buddha, the River of 1000 Lingas and the Phnom Kulen Waterfall.

Enjoy a smooth vacation as we deliver your ticket(s) at your chosen accommodation at 5pm the day before your scheduled visit.

Please Note: to visit Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and other temples not mentioned in above description will require a separate ticket.

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Phnom Kulen National Park, Siem Reap

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Phnom Kulen National Park Admission Ticket: Deutsch

Phnom Kulen National Park Admission Ticket

Ab 18.50

Weitere Informationen

Phnom Kulen National Park Admission Ticket


    • Phnom Kulen Admission Ticket
    • Deliver ticket to your hotel at 5 pm for your next day visit
    • Local taxes

Nicht enthalten:

    • Transportation to the sites (hotel pickup/drop-off)
    • Tour guide
    • Foods and drinks
    • Travel insurances
    • Flying drones, filming and taking pictures with professional equipment for commercial purposes required a permit from APSARA National Authority

Weitere Informationen:

    • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
    • Tickets are not refundable
    • Cannot change date after ticket bought
    • Tickets are not transferable
    • The ticket must be kept by the visitor and shown to the ticket controller when requested
    • Producing, distributing or using fake ticket is a crime punishable by law
    • Children below 12 don't need a ticket to the national park but have to show passport at the check point proofing the age
    • We deliver ticket one day before your visit which means ticket valid on the next day after we drop you the ticket
    • Access to the Angkor Archaeological Park requires a separate ticket, this ticket is for the Phnom Kulen National Park only
    • Please be aware of the road conditions: You can only access the park from 7am-11:30am, that is when the one-way road allows people to travel up to the National Park. From 11:30am onward, you cannot get up the road as the traffic changes direction to let people out. Please be sure to be at the park before the traffic change at 11:30am. You can stay at the park until it's closure at 4pm and then make your way down
    Visitor Code of Conduct:
    Please respect monks
    Please respect all signs
    Please do not give money or candy to children
    Please do not litter
    Please do not smoke
    Please do not touch carvings

Voucher Info:

Sie können entweder einen gedruckten oder elektronischen Beleg nutzen.

Informationen zum Veranstalter:

Vollständige Informationen (z. B. Telefonnummern) finden Sie auf dem Gutschein. Unsere Produktmanager wählen nur die erfahrensten und zuverlässigsten Anbieter vor Ort aus. So brauchen Sie sich darum keine Sorgen zu machen.


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